Migel OG

Kuchisake-onna - Quadrology J-Horror. The film tells about the popular urban legend from Japan. Parents frighten children walking to enjoy a slit-mouthed woman. Woman in the mask child stops and asks him: «I am pretty»? If the child responds, that no, she kills him with the scissors, which always carries with him. If he answered that Yes, the woman would take the mask, showing mouth, cut from ear to ear, with huge teeth and snake’s tongue, and asks: «Even now?». If the child responds that be cut in half. If the same answer that Yes, she cut him mouth as she. But the real reason for the spread of legends was more likely a real case of 21 June 1979, which occurred in the city of Himeji, when she was arrested for mentally sick 25-year-old woman crawling along the streets with a kitchen knife, which it has previously cut his mouth from ear to ear.